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James Hunting: born 1964: London.
After studying textiles at Goldsmiths College, graduating in 1986, James became a freelance embroiderer and surface designer working with clients in Fashion. James moved to France in 1999, changing the emphasis of his working practice away from commercial ventures and towards more personal and educative goals. He returned to Brighton in 2004 to complete a PGCE in PCET and has since taught in Further and Higher Education  on Fashion and Textile Courses. James was closely involved in the writing and launching of the degree programme at the Royal School of Needlework, and has since worked on many other Courses in the UK.

James has continued his personal work throughout, investigating cloth and stitch.

James also creates and delivers workshops as an independent artist and undertakes commissions for private clients.
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Current inquiries through my work are looking at the ubiquity of cloth in our daily lives, functionality, decoration and sensuality/sexuality. I am looking at the artistic potential of working with designers on the display and utility of textile art, it does not need to be wall based or ‘displayed’ in order to fulfil the emotional and ‘abstract’ function of art.

Mark- making, colour and texture each piece is representative of moments of time, either the past, present, or future. They encompass real or imaginary moments, emotions experienced, desires acknowledged, thoughts barely captured, dreams realised, yet to be realised or even destined to remain unrealised. Pieces should awaken half forgotten associations within the viewers’ memory. Certain stitches, colour combinations and images should unlock a more personal reflection on emotions and lives lived. The intention is that each viewer will move on having spent some time occupying a less concrete dimension of their daily life.

I seldom title the works, allowing the viewer to infuse each piece with their own interpretations, although I have my names for the pieces that I am happy to share if requested. The more abstract pieces, although presented in one way, may be hung according to the owners feeling, each viewer ‘sees’ the work in their own way, bringing their memories and ideas to their viewing.


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