James Hunting: born 1964: London.

James has continued  personal work since, investigating cloth and stitch.

the work-  represents the output of research and enquiry into the act of making, the purpose and role of cloth made without a function in mind, and a redefined understanding of the place of such cloth-

It can disrupt, it  ‘queers’ and unnerves by its existence-

the question ‘what is it for?’ becomes redundant and superfluous, the viewer has to create their own acceptance of its existence-

the cloth is made to be handled- folded, hidden, cut, furthered , altered and enter a continuum of existence.

an un-purposed cloth

invites  the viewer

 to dialogue with potential


a framework of function.

Contact James on james.hunting@btinternet.com for further information.


james makes cloths, the function of these  is to occupy  space and create doorways to otherness