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work 2017/18

During 2017/18 I found myself in interesting times. It was the 50th anniversary of the PARTIAL Decriminalisation of Homosexuality ( a first step towards change- although things got a lot worse before they got better) and suddenly 

 WE WERE EVERYWHERE-  although I thought we were anyway

In the press, on the TV, on the radio- one could barely take two steps without tripping over something celebrating Gay life except that……. 

the BBC , and others were intent on celebrating QUEERDOM- 

now QUEER was a word that was used as an insult at school, and in the press and on TV for a long time……….. 

It is word that I will now use, I will identify with, and I actually quite like as a sound…BUT…… it is for me to use not to be told that we must now celebrate being QUEER- by the BBC……. 

So words become of even more interest to me….. the power of words, the meaning of words and the use of words.

I made a series of cloths- not pictures, not designs, not fake paintings- but cloths….. 

Once again I use fabric which has no history- new fabric- into which I can put histories- false or imagined- I can remove colour to create depth and I can insert other fabrics to create shapes and direction. 

Applique- the layering of fabric- create inequality- either pushes you away or draws you in…… 

insertion applique forms a single layer- it creates a single layer of many parts, it needs everything to exist- but each different piece retains its existence. 

We are different, but we all form a whole. 

The words used- orders or suggestions or states of being……. are to create a dialogue between the viewer, the maker and their thoughts …… 


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