Each kit  is hand drawn- yes they may differ very slightly from the model shown, but that highlights the  uniqueness of each piece  

Each Kit comes with the following

Hand drawn canvas (outline only)  on 100% interlocked  cotton canvas

Sufficient tapestry wool ( 100% wool- and 100% polyester for the neon and fluo colours) to complete the kits as suggested


stitch instructions,

suggestions and examples of composite elements ( might be a stitched dot/ a sample of bargello or other ‘serving suggestion’)

a full colour printed image to show the  end effect.- currently this is available online until printing issues are sorted ( nothing is normal at the moment )


Whilst we are setting up the online shop- ( in truth as I am a full time Course Leader of a Textile Degree in London current workloads are quite extraordinary)

Please mail an order naming  the kit you want and we will contact you with delivery information……..

Email address to use for orders


James and Jeanne are more interested in enabling others to join the Wonky clan so costs are being kept to a minimum-

Each Kit is costed at £55.00 plus postage-

Payment will be arranged through Pay pal, or direct bank transfer – details will be sent in our first communication with you




  1. What do I do with it once finished……

We will be adding videos of how to block ( square up the work) shortly- after that your imagination is free to journey the work to unknown destinations- wall piece- cushion, accessory, there is no restriction.

We are always happy to suggest, discuss  and can also  provide a blocking and cushion making service at a cost if wished for…..

contact us and we will reply quickly and happily.

Contact details – any queries or issues whilst making please email …


  • Do I have to stick to the drawing and colours –

No ! not at all, both james and Jeanne love the idea you may want to change colours, add in more elements, use the kit as a springboard for creative expression- it is about inviting you to participate with the journey ……..please do work the kit as suggested but also free, able  and empowered to alter and develop.

Do I need Frame to stitch

This is a thorny question- I am a hands on stitcher who likes to hold the fabric and feel the gestures- however this does tend to distort the work to a certain degree ( and work can always be brought back to the intended shape later on)- it also means the experience is ‘mobile’ .. so one answer is NO…

however those of you who prefer to frame the work up- there is ample canvas around the designs to allow this . so in this case the answer is YES.

Im left handed- does this matter?? – NO- so am I…. for once enjoy having a design made by a left handed person……

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